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Family Spirit Nights

Locations Vary

Please join us for our family fun nights this year!!  Not only do you get a night off from cooking but you get to help our school at the same time.  Below is a list of all of our Family Spirit Nights this school year:

August 23: Papa John's Pizza, 11am - 10pm

September 20: Zaxby's, 5 - 8pm

November: The Breaded Chef and Meadows Frozen Custard @ Movie Night

January 24: Papa John's Pizza, 11am - 10pm

February 21:  Zaxby's, 5 - 8pm



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Scholastic Book Fair

GBE School Library, September 30 - October 7

GBE School Library, March 27 - 31 

We would love to have you stop in the library for our Scholastic Book Fair. The book fair is a fundraiser for the media center but the PTO assists in the running of the event.  We will be asking for volunteers to help staff the book fair.

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Santa's Workshop

GBE School Library, December 6 - 8

Let's get ready for the holidays!!  You're kids will have the opportunity to stop in and shop for themselves at Santa's Workshop.  We will be posting more information as it becomes available.

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School Performances and PTO General Membership Meetings

GBE School Gym, Dates Vary

We are so excited about all the school performances scheduled for this year.  Below is a list of what is on the calendar as of now.  If any changes need to happen, we will update our calendar for your information.

November 10: Veterans Day Program by 4th grade, 9 am

December 5: General Membership Meeting and Santa's Workshop Set up, 6 pm

December 20: Chorus Christmas Concert, 9 am

February 16: 3rd Grade Performance and PTO General Membership Meeting, 9 am & 6:30 pm

March 16: 2nd Grade Performance, 9 am & 6:30 pm

April 20: Chorus Spring concert and PTO General Membership Meeting, 9 am & 6:30 pm

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